Meet The Artists



Meet Nabeela Rumi, the talented Artist behind our mermaid, bumblebee and cutesy crab illustrations. She is an Indian Illustrator based in Edmonton, Alberta. Her illustrative work is filled with vibrant colors, and patterns that are inspired by Mother Nature. She is a self-proclaimed plant addict, and is in love with painting greenery! Her favorite creation form is through traditional media, using gouache and acrylics; She loves the imperfection that using this medium brings to her Art. Check out more of her art here.




Meet Dalya Rahman, the brilliant Artist behind the creation of our cattitude design. She is an imaginative freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Toronto, Ontario. Dalya graduated from OCAD University with a bachelor of Illustration in 2019. During her years at OCAD she created many beautiful and expressive bodies of artwork. Recently, she ventured into entrepreneurship and opened up her very own small business! Her goals are simple: to keep expanding her work, and creating more things that she loves. Check out her website here.




Meet Josie Di Maria, the gifted Artist who created our sea creature design. She is a freelance illustrator from Toronto, Ontario and graduated with a BA in Art History from York University. Her favorite medium to work in is colored pencil, and likes her digital work to reflect this textured, hand-drawn quality. Josie is a life-long art lover and spends most of her spare time drawing. She is also a huge movie nerd, bibliophile, and lover of very strong espresso. Check out more of her work here.